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Create a wide range of activities for your pupils in a few clicks

Etigliss is an Android based application specifically designed to answer the needs of teachers whose work relies on using labels in a varied range of settings.

Using EtiGliss on tablets significantly reduces the effort required to print, cut, laminate and generally manage physical labels, which can be extremely fastidious for teachers.
In a few clicks, teachers rapidly create a wide range of interactive exercises that can be instantly loaded on all of their pupils’ tablets. 

EtiGliss consists of two parts that are complementary: 
  • The  “Etigliss” application, sitting on Android tablets, featuring a simplified interface that allows children to intuitively select, load and play visual and optionally audio-visual exercises prepared by their teacher on the companion web site. The output from each exercise can be checked for correctness directly by the student. It can also be printed from the tablet or shared to Dropbox, Drive, Evernote and other applications.
  • This companion website "EtiGliss - Teacher " where teachers can build and manage their own label exercises. The simplicity of the tool even allows spontaneous use of the tools during class.

Etigliss en action
Nouveau sur le site :
  • >EtiGliss version 3.4.1 :
    • - Added ability to specify a different text size for the text of the wallpaper;
      - Added the ability to display text labels on multiple lines;
      - Adding to EtiGliss Teacher facilities to share exercises via social networks;
      - Translation of screens for creation and management of exercises. The documentation will also gradually be translated.

The main characteristics of this tool – created specifically for and by teachers – are as follows: 

Classement des animaux
  • From 2 to 99 text and / or picture labels on each “board” (this is the term chosen to collectively designate all the elements displayed on the screen as one exercise);
  • Random drawing of labels (each pupil therefore gets his/her labels in a different order from his/her neighbors);
  • Ability to create quizzes or “fill in the gaps” exercises, with answers in the form of labels, displaying a text or a picture;
  • Numerous choices of background colors and label formats;
  • Ability to vary the colors used for each label;
  • Options to display a table containing 2 to 36 boxes, within which labels can be sorted, or to use a timeline, on which labels can be ordered;
  • Audio feature whereby words or sentences can be spoken by the tablet, in English or in 5 other languages. Instructions can thus be given orally as well as texts accompanying each label: the student only needs to hold the label for 2 seconds to hear the text;
  • A background image can be added;
  • The output from most exercises can be checked for correctness directly by the student. The check can either indicate which answers are correct or simply display a count of right answers. 
  • The output from exercises can also be printed from the tablet or shared to Dropbox, Drive, Evernote and wide range of other applications.
Teachers can manage their exercises easily, choosing in one click, which ones should be displayed or hidden from the pupil’s tablets.

Creating your own exercises

Once you have registered on this site you will be able to easily create your own exercises by simply defining the labels you want to see on the background board. Straightforward instructions are available on the documentation pages, and video tutorials provide useful hands on tips that will get you started without delay.

The exercises you have created will be kept in your on-line workspace, where you can manage them and make them available to you pupils.

Still have questions? You may find some answers on the FAQ page. Alternatively, feel free to contact us

This program was created as a result of the "Numeric school in Wallonia" project (web site in French) and is made available free of charge to all teacher in Wallonia and elsewhere.

Licence d'utilisation

Licence Creative Commons
EtiGliss was created by André Delacharlerie et Christine Van Hove, and is made available under the terms of the licence Creative Commons Attribution - No commercial use and no changes allowed.
Restriction on changes only applies to the software (tablet and Web) on which all reproduction, adaptation and translation rights are protected, and not on exercises
you may create.

Exercises created with Etigliss-Teacher remain the property of their creator, except where their creator decides otherwise.

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